Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

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On January 15, 2014 Brain Abundance will launch for independent business owners and customers. In the meantime, Pre-Launch is in effect. You can now place product orders, which will arrive in up to six weeks. Additionally, some of our pages, tools and links online are still in beta mode. November 27, 2013 was the first week of our pay run and all commissions are paid as of that date. Learn more about how you can take advantage of this up and coming, highly aggressive compensation plan today with the following information.

Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

If you are interested in a compensation plan that provides premium products to customers while granting optimal opportunities for independent business owners, then consider the Brain Abundance compensation plan. Set yourself up for financial success in the present and long term, as you are given the tools and resources to aggressively thrive in this industry.

Take a tour of the site today, and pre-enroll for free. We have a huge downline! Which will enable you to concentrate on building only 1 leg!!

Powerline Driven System

A highly desired part of our Brain Abundance compensation plan is the Powerline Bonus. For the initial three people below you on the compensation plan, who have achieved a minimum 50BV of personal volume, you will also earn income thanks to the Powerline Bonus. Payouts are weekly, and you will be able to earn this bonus only once.

Achieving Fast Start Commissions

Every person whom you refer to Brain Abundance will earn you anywhere from $25 to $75 when they place their first product order as part of Fast Start Commissions. Additionally, with Infinity Coded Overrides once you have six ranked generations, you may receive up to $10.50 for everyone on your team when they place their initial product order. Coded Overrides in Fast Start are unlimited allowing you to earn and enroll a limitless number of people.

What are Binary Commissions?

One of the most impressive parts of the Brain Abundance Compensation Plan is the Accelerated Binary Compensation Plan. As one of the most aggressive plans of any organization in the industry, the ABCP provides a top ranked payout along with simple qualifiers for easy progression. While Powerline Bonuses and Infinity Coded Overrides are exceptional in providing payouts in the first month for new independent business owners, the second month provides even more benefits.

Thanks to the Accelerated Binary that starts in the second month you can set yourself apart in Brain Abundance with your independent business center. This allows you to track the members of your team, which includes a Left Team and a Right Team. For Accelerated Binary commissions, enroll two total members, one for each of your teams. At such a point, you can earn commissions for the rest of your life. Each time you have one order (50 BV) for your left team and one for your right team, you will earn $20 in commissions—no matter who it was on your team who enrolled the customers who made the purchases. For every increase of 50 BV on each team your commission increases by $20.

As your team expands below you, or even above you, you achieve the highly desired spillover. In the Brain Abundance Compensation Plan binary, thanks to the Powerline system, members earn equal opportunities across the board with unlimited availability. In fact, you may have members below you on the binary as you read this. For times when there is remaining volume in your teams, i.e. you have 150 BV in your right team and only 100 BV in your right team, the balance of volume will carry over to the next month. You will continue to earn compensation without any flushing, which is just one more reason why you should opt in to the Brain Abundance Compensation Plan today!

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